WebCenter Form Recognition (WFR) Reporting for Everyone

oAppsNET WFR Reporting Application

The oAppsNET built a WFR Reporting application that uses the latest version of Oracle Application Express (APEX) to provide statistical and performance reports of invoices processed by WFR.  The oAppsNET APEX application is built and supported by oAppsNET at no-cost to Oracle customers.  If you would like an enhancement then please raise a support ticket with oAppsNET at support@oappsnet.com.

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User & Install Guide

VersionRelease DateInstall GuideWFR Reporting App
1.0.06/1/22User & Install GuideWFR APEX App

Version 1.0.0

Reports Included in the application 1.0.0:

  • System Performance Reports
  • In-Flight Invoice Report
  • Invoice To Verifier Report
  • Invoice Processed
  • Invoice Processed – Invoice Details
  • Invoice By State
  • Field Analysis: Changed Fields
  • Field Analysis: Field Validity
  • Vendor Analysis